Our Team

Our team boasts of people drawn from two distinct domains left brain superiority & right brain superiority… At Creata, is a graphic design studio! We have been around for last 30+ years, designing, illustrating and creating pretty much creative stuff for corporate as well as everyone who likes to be creatively different!! But there is always something new to work for. We see design as an experience and a learning process that can be beautifully made and fill the everyday requirement of professional work. We like what we do!!!!

At Creata

Team At Creata strives to offer perfect advertising and designing solutions to your brand


We have the ability and experience to take the projects from concept to creation. Team’s talent converts an idea into reality.

Our Brand building expertise can scale any project to fit your budget.

The creative team of more than 15 people, freelance artists, photographers & associate printers form an exhaustive designing studio to deliver desirable goals.


Our graphic designing and development goal is to build interactive elements to enhance your market presence, capture your visitors and convert visitors into customers that will advance your branding strategy and marketing goal.

So if your sales are not meeting your company’s objective…. Let us be the price of the puzzle that pushes your company above the rest by designing world class brand identity.

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